Our Philosophy

The jewelry industry has long been rife with exploitation in many forms and we are committed to changing that trajectory. Our hope is that, by partnering with like-minded industry leaders, communicating with transparency, and sharing our learnings, the ripples of our small business can make major waves. 

We promise to continue educating ourselves and supporting sustainable initiatives as they evolve. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination—we hope you’ll join us as we continue down this path.


From SCS certified recycled metal, to heirloom diamonds, to opal mined by a small family run business in Australia, finding materials that align with our values can be challenging but it’s also rewarding to find unique and like-minded suppliers with meaningful stories.  

The origin of our materials can be found on each individual product page. We are working towards 100% material traceability. While we work with many suppliers that we are impressed and aligned with, we aren’t satisfied with every option we’ve found and in allegiance with our commitment to transparency, that information too, is provided when pertinent.


Casual Seance jewelry is designed in Brooklyn by Lindsay Rogers with computer-aided design (CAD) software or hand fabricated in wax. All jewelry is manufactured in the US. Each artisan involved in the production and fabrication of our jewelry is compensated based on their requirements.

Each piece of Casual Seance jewelry is made in small batches or as a one-of-a-kind piece. Quality over quantity is our main goal—producing only what’s needed and allowing attention to every detail.


Casual Seance fine rings are packaged in boxes sourced in New York City’s diamond district. We purchase these boxes as needed to conserve materials. 

All other jewelry is packaged in reusable fairtrade certified cotton pouches that are made in India and printed in Denmark. We like this option because the fabric is biodegradable and plastic free and the pouches are great for reusing and storing your jewelry when not in use. 

Our shipping boxes and void fill are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and are fully recyclable.