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tradition, evolved

At the center of all our designs and practices there is a call to make jewelry for real people. To celebrate the unique qualities of natural stones and those who wear them. To craft pieces that bring to life the diversity of love and authenticity of spirit, as symbols you imbue with meaning.

We want to approach jewelry with curiosity, so we strive to create an informal and accessible space to connect with our customers and arrive at something unexpected and true. Something for you—whether it’s a symbol of commitment, remembrance, or self-love and empowerment. Whether it’s something to wear every day or when you’re putting on the ritz. There are no rules. Let us help you celebrate and uphold the thoughtfulness that brought you here in the first place. Let us make you everlasting timeless things that will be cherished for a lifetime or more.

designed differently

We infuse all our studio and sourcing practices with utmost intention. The foundation of our design ethos is in these carefully considered methods, and each business decision flows from this point of origin.

We recognize the complexity of our industry— One cannot suddenly “achieve” environmental, ethical, and social sustainability. Recognizing this, Casual Seance pledges to evolve and raise its standards at every opportunity; a continual process of assessment and revision.

The rarity of the traceable or ethically sourced materials we use in our designs means sourcing gemstones on a small scale. We seize small windows of opportunity to build and vary our caché of gemstones and improve our offering. This is why most Casual Seance designs are one-of-a-kind or a limited run.

Each piece is hand fabricated in our Brooklyn studio where we place great importance on sustainable production techniques. Transparency is how we demonstrate our accountability and commitment to these practices.

For specific and detailed information on our conduct and how we measure its sustainability please read further here. This year we are working towards 100% traceability in all our materials.

custom made, just for you

Benchmade, small batch production lets us devote special attention and care to each ring as it’s crafted. A dedicated artisan sees each piece through individually from concept to completion. There’s something nice about getting to know each of our pieces intimately before they are released into the wild.

unique designs you will only find here

We practice what we call ‘reverse design.’ Before we concept a ring, we first hand select
gemstones we’re drawn to for their unique nature. This includes singular stones like salt and pepper diamonds and unheated sapphires (and has led to many impulse buys of stones we know will never be replicated!). We then let each stone’s natural shape, color and contours guide us, resulting in designs we may never have imagined.

In addition to our collection and limited-run pieces, we love nothing more than creatively collaborating with our clients on custom designs. Contact us to learn more about this process.

about the founder

Casual Seance began in Lindsay Rogers’ living room in Brooklyn in 2013. As an artist with a background in hand built and carved ceramic sculpture, her dalliance with handcrafted jewelry soon developed into a fascination with fine metals and gemstones. Gaining an appreciation for the vast and beautiful spectrum of colored stones and how their places of origin informed their unique beauty, she quickly became a rockhound—collecting materials from her travels throughout the southwest, and folding them into her own designs. 

Her practice brought into focus the conventional  landscape of the fine jewelry industry, especially the engagement and wedding ring space. Feeling the individual and special qualities of these raw materials were underutilized, she began to carve out a space for alternative expressions of love that she felt were underserved. Love, for Casual Seance, also means approaching the craft with reverence for the earth that provides these geological miracles, and the people who harvest them. Each piece is crafted with utmost commitment to limiting waste, using fair labor, and creating a positive impact in the industry at large.