Evolving tradition is at the center of everything we do. From reimagining design techniques to celebrating the natural beauty in stones just as they are when pulled from the earth, every step of the way, we strive for innovation in the art of jewelry design. This evolution allows us to create one-of-a-kind rings that celebrate the diversity of contemporary love – whether it’s a symbol of unity or self-love and empowerment.

It’s our goal to bring you unique and unexpected jewelry for every occasion, from engagement and wedding rings to everyday pieces. We put all our effort into creating pieces you’ll love, but the real power lies in the meaning they hold for you. 

Each ring is thoughtfully crafted and produced in limited runs to guarantee exclusive designs of the highest quality. These special pieces will be cherished for a lifetime, so they are everlasting, unique and timeless.


What a ring is made from is just as important to us as our exclusive designs. We know sustainability is complex and make every effort to continuously improve our processes to minimize our impact on the earth. From recycled gold to Kimberley Process Certified and conflict-free diamonds, all of our materials are responsibly sourced. Our gemstones come from small family-owned mines that pay fair wages, and we only use Fair Trade Certified polishing facilities. 

While we find polished stones suit some pieces, there is an unmatched beauty in the purity of a gemstone pulled from the earth and left untouched. The unique characteristics of a gemstone’s natural inclusions, range of color and imperfections only add to their allure — and yield heirloom pieces unlike any other.


Benchmade, small batch production lets us devote special attention and care to each ring as it’s crafted. A dedicated artisan sees each piece through individually from concept to completion. There’s something nice about getting to know each of our pieces intimately before they are released into the wild. 


We practice what we call ‘reverse design.’ Before we concept a ring, we first hand select gemstones we’re drawn to for their unique nature. This includes singular stones like salt and pepper diamonds and unheated sapphires (and has led to many impulse buys of stones we know will never be replicated!). We then let each stone’s natural shape, color and contours guide us, resulting in designs we may never have imagined. 

In addition to our collection and limited-run pieces, we love nothing more than creatively collaborating with our clients on custom designs. Contact us to learn more about this process. 


Lindsay Rogers founded the brand in 2013 out of her living room in Brooklyn. Already an artist with three trades under her belt, handcrafting jewelry was a natural progression into a new realm of creative outpour for Lindsay. Her prior experience molding and carving ceramics, and curating art and furniture, all played a role in her craft of creating one of a kind fine jewelry. The Toronto-native and 10-year Brooklyn-expat felt that the jewelry industry was oversaturated with cookie-cutter engagement and wedding rings; so she created the alternative; out of the ordinary, beautifully divergent and almost otherworldly jewels, finding a language that speaks to the uniqueness that we each hold as individuals.